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(please take this with a grain of salt, many people have different opinions, this is mine as an amateur artist.)


C: Kyiwtie by maryfraser

When I commissioned Mary I had the impression that she was a busy person since she has a huge audience on Twitter. She was very kind and sent me a sketch of the artwork before she continued and made any changes I asked her too.
I am quite satisfied with the result for you can see her unique style reflecting on my character.
I only found that it was a bit pricey for the resolution she works on. 


I love working with this artist. She is very humble and kind and honestly underpaid and underrated. I love her work and her style is so unique you should TOTALLY go to her for art.


Our memories - Commission by Reivash

I loved working with him. I absolutely love this piece too. He works really fast and always keeps you up to date with the progress. He's also very kind honest. I was very happy with the prize for the work he delivers. I gave him a hard time because of the characters and background but he went through with it without hassle and I admire his work. Definitely commissioning him again!


boy oh boy! by rnilkbottle

I really love this piece. I always liked her style and how she just doesn't care and draws, as in she really knows what she's doing and does it flawlessly.
Her shading is simple and it makes it so crisp and fluent.
Her pricing was really cheap and quite underpaid in my opinion. I think it causes so many people to commission her she was a tad overloaded at the time, so it took quite a while for her to make it. I didn't mind the wait though. We all have our life to worry about and the older we get, the less we get time to do fun things.


Cute chibi commission Batch by little-mr-demon

(bottom left)
Absolutely loved it, very fast delivery and great capture of the character's personality. 
On top of that cheap, but drawn on a small size. To justify that, it's a pagedoll. So totally perfect.


K i t t y by candykiki

Overall I want to say that this piece is really nice. How it has the feel of the typical anime style, which is something I don't usually enjoy. 
But for this artist I let it pass because of how they bring over a certain simplicity that gives peace to the works. She sticks to her style and I admire that.
I feel like it has a lot of anatomy mistakes, most easily fixed with the liquefy tool. Some parts of the line-art feels sketchy and a tad rushed. 
Though I am amazed she has any time to draw at all while she is in university. It wasn't pricey for the result I got and I love it.

Awaiting from people:


Priorities (no preference order)

sasucchi95(the shading gives me a weird vibe and I love it)

sakimichan (impossible, doesn't take commissions) (old favourite of mine)

Koolaid-Girl (the MS Paint god for real and god of colours!)

Parororo (old favourite of mine)

penguinkissus(this grill is so good her lists be filled and I be sad)

Yamio (chibi and manga) (undergoing cancer treatment) (old favourite of mine)

liontoys (old favourite of mine)

MichelleHoefener (Riot Games artist)

Hyanna-Natsu (old favourite of mine)

DanSyron (animations) (old favourite of mine)

Kawiku (their crazy colour works) (old favourite of mine)

Neko-Rina (manga)

kelogsloops (ahh I did a presentation about them in high school ♥) (old favourite of mine)

WalkingMelonsAAA (old favourite of mine)

BerryVerrine (the ColOURS)

Catigorized - ish 
(no preference order):

Here are the manga and chibi variation styles I love:

larienne (famous for their glow and muertos series, looking for similar commission)

ViPOP (I died when I saw this, I'd love something similar in style.)

emperpep (traditional is so sweet)

gigifeh (lovely art vibe, especially the fullbodies and halfbodies)

Kiwibon (extremely smooth style, both love chibi and manga)

8R00T4L (semi-chibis are so cool) (low res)

Nuku-Niku (chibis and animated work)

Naschi (splashiiii)

Sereyne (pixel is lovely) (low res)

KyouKaraa (gorgeous paint feel and atmosphere)

xNamii  (so crisp and clean omggg)

All of these have lovely realistic styles:

serafleur (sparkly!)

Liang-Xing (splash art)

loish (met her!)

LAS-T (gorgeous males)

GUWEIZ (seems simple and famous)

iorlvm (splash art painted feel)

Zeronis (Riot Games artist) (I dislike the extreme feminine parts though)


R-no71 (their friggin 3D characters are amazing)


Napdust  (lovely creature designs)

Queen-KittyKat (gorgeous pony and scenery)


IvanLaliashvili (friggin environment and scenery are absolutely gorgeous)

Last Updated: 28/12/2017

Coding by SimplySilent
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If you have a chance,go take a look at YAMsgarden
Her arts are amazing as well 8D
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